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Jurnal Matematika Sains dan Teknologi

Merupakan media informasi dan komunikasi para praktisi, peneliti, dan akademisi yang berkecimpung dan menaruh minat serta perhatian pada pengembangan Matematika, ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi. 

ISSN : 2442-9147 (Online)
ISSN : 1411-1934 (Printed)
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Jurnal Organisasi dan Manajemen

JOM is a media of information and communication for practitioners, researchers, and academics who are involved and pay attention to the development of the organization and management. Published by the Institute for Research and Community Service, Open University. 

ISSN : 2442-9155 (Online)
ISSN : 2085-9686 (Printed)

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Jurnal Pendidikan

Jurnal Pendidikan (JP) is a bi-annual journal - publishes twice each calendar year, Open Access (CC BY NC ND), by the Institute for Research and Community Service, Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia. JP publishes research articles in the field of education which report empirical research on topics that are significant across educational contexts, in terms of design and findings. The topic could be in curriculum, teaching learning, evaluation, quality education, management, and education technology. 

ISSN : 2443-3586 (Online)
ISSN : 1411-1942 (Printed)

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Jurnal Pendidikan  Terbuka dan Jarak Jauh

 Merupakan media informasi dan komunikasi para praktisi, peneliti, dan akademisi yang berkecimpung dan menaruh minat serta perhatian pada pengembangan pendidikan terbuka dan jarak jauh di Indonesia dan di dunia.                  

ISSN : 2442-2266 (Online)
ISSN : 1411-304X (Printed)


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Diseminasi: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat

Diseminasi merupakan media untuk menyebar-luaskan hasil pelaksanaan pengabdian kepada masyarakat yang disajikan berdasarkan kaidah penulisan ilmiah. Jurnal ini disajikan dalam berbagai bidang ilmu atau multidisipliner ilmu pengetahuan yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan, pemahaman, keahlian dan kesejahteraan masyarakat.

ISSN : 2655-2221 (Online)
ISSN : 2655-2175 (Printed)
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JELAJAH: Journal of Tourism and Hospitality

The development of tourism research as an effort to support the development of the tourism industry requires journals as a medium for publication of research results in the field of tourism to the public, both to the industrial and business world and academics. Exploration is a scientific research journal in the field of tourism which is presented in various fields of science with the aim of increasing knowledge, understanding, and expertise in the field of tourism.

ISSN : 2685-094X (Online)


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Terbuka Journal of Economics and Business

This journal is named Terbuka (Open) Journal of Economics and Business, shortened to the so-called TJEB. TJEB is open for economics and business studies and outstandingly for researches, but not limited to, based on the quantitative methods. Accepted manuscripts for TJEB should be novelty findings with related latest research issues in the fields of economics and business. TJEB conducts a double-blind peer review standard. All manuscripts undertake an initial evaluation by the TJEB editor. If they are counted fitting for peer review, then the manuscripts will be reviewed by a minimum of two external reviewers to assess its suitability for publication.

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El-Qish: Journal of Islamic Economics

Elqish: Journal of Islamic Economics is an academic journal that published by LPPM Universitas Terbuka, twice a year (June and December). Managed by Faculty of Economics Universitas Terbuka. The editors receive articles in the form of research-based manuscript related to Islamic Economics which cover Islamic economics, Economics development, Macroeconomics, Monetary, Microeconomics, Islamic finance, Islamic Business, Islamic Human Resource Management, Islamic Marketing Management, Halal industries, Zakat and Wakaf, and Islamic Entrepreneurship.


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International Journal of Emerging Issues in Early Childhood Education

The IJEIECE aims at providing forum for consideration of current issues and development and for exchange of information and ideas about research and praxis in the practices of childcare and early childhood (K–3 levels) teacher education. Issues may relate to pre-service teacher preparation and in-service professional development. .

ISSN :  2685-4074  (Online)
ISSN : 2655-9986  (Printed)
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International Journal of Theory and Application in Elementary and Secondary School Education

The IJTAESE deals with both educational theories and practices and their implications for the quality of teaching and learning in elementary and lower secondary education. It prefers to publish original studies that contain data about school and classroom processes and management in these levels.

ISSN : 2684-7167 (Online)
ISSN : 2656-0003 (Printed)                    


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International Journal on Research in STEM Education

The IJRSE is a multidisciplinary journal in the areas of teacher training and education which are focusing on the study of teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It is being established as a brand new, forward looking journal in the field of teacher training and education program. As a peer-reviewed journal, it is positioned to promote, but not least, research-based educational development in the rapidly evolving field in digital era of STEM education around the world.

ISSN :  2721-2904  (Online)
ISSN :  2721-3242  (Printed)
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Food Scientia Journal

Food Scientia Journal managed by Food Technology Study Program  Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia. This Journal is published twice a year in June and December. This journal encompasses original research articles, review articles, and short communications, including: Food Microbiology, Food Processing and Food Chemistry. Food Scientia Journal Published by LPPM Universitas Terbuka.


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J ournal of Research and Innovation in Open and Distance Learning

Journal of Research and Innovation in Open and Distance Learning (JRIODL) #Under construction