AAOU Annual Conference (AAOU 2020) will be held at the Cinnamon Grand in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 21-23 October 2020.

07 Jan 2020 16:04:28harry

Conference theme:
“Opening minds for a sustainable future: Re-orienting ODL to surmount challenges”


  • Promoting sustainable development through lifelong learning
    • Increase access and flexibility, improve quality, enhance equity, reorient curricula, facilitate economic growth, social development and environmental protection
  • Innovations in ODL through smart technologies
    • e-learning, m- learning, u-learning, digital library, remote access to e-resources, learner- teacher interaction, integration of social media and on-line evaluation
  • Open Knowledge Movement – implications for ODL
    • Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Educational Practices (OEP), MOOCs, Open Data, Social Media and Learning Communities
  • Learner engagement and motivation in ODL- challenges and possibilities
    • Enhance retention, increase completion rates, facilitate collaborative learning, redefine role of face-to-face components, harness influence of significant others, reorient student support
  • Best practices in ODL for ESD
    • Quality assurance, student support services, ICT integration, policies and procedures, capacity and capability development, innovative learning design and creative teaching practices
  • Learning analytics in ODL: potential and challenges
    • As a tool for quality assurance, quality improvement, improving learner support and increasing retention rates; ethical issues in use of learning analytics

Online registration will open soon!

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